15 Klout Tips from @KKHausman

by K K Hausman

15 Klout Tips I presented in a recent series of Tweets @KKHausman. These earned me 10 points in four days.

Tip 1: Klout determines score based on connections and connections of connections, so make friends broadly and encourage them same.

Tip 2: All social media networks in Klout’s list count the same, so engage in the services you enjoy most.

Tip 3: Produce original content, rather than just endlessly retweeting/reblogging. Add value!

Tip 4: Help your influencers and influenced followers improve their #social #media standing and your own score will improve.

Tip 5: Focus on a topic that you enjoy and develop a presence in the community. Too many niches disperse your time for engagement.

Tip 6: Use the Topics list to find influencers in your topic, then see which services and forums they use for active communities.

Tip 7: Not only positive, but negative backlinks and mentions can improve your score – be provocative, passionate and interesting.

Tip 8: SEO is not the same as Klout optimization, as connections are the key – influencers and influenced parties matter more than hit rate

Tip 9: Plan ahead – new social media networks are being added all the time. Check the upcoming services to see which fit best.

Tip 10: Klout score is not the goal, it is the result of achieving your own presence within social media networks.

Tip 11: Have patience! Stop logging into Klout.com a dozen times every day to see if your score changed.

Tip 12: Perks go really fast, so keep an eye out for new perks you qualify for and jump on them quickly.

Tip 13: Expect changes and don’t get frustrated at short-term dips in your score.

Tip 14: Higher scores yield more Perks. Claiming Perks gives obvious reason for others to join, enhancing your ties. Tweet Perks!

Tip 15: Remember that a negative response is still a response. Better than being ignored.